Corporate Yoga Classes

Elate Yoga offers corporate yoga classes for groups ranging in size from 5 to 120. Let our talented yoginis increase productivity and satisfaction at your company today!

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes from Elate Yoga combines in-home or at-work convenience with a private focus and customized routines. We allow up to 4 students so why not bring a friend?

Children’s Yoga

Learn more about how our imaginative kids yoga classes help build improve both mental and physical strength + flexibility in a collaborative environment.

Pre and Post-Natal Yoga

Pre-natal yoga helps strengthen your core for childbirth as well as provide you with a physical and mental workout that’s safe for both you and your child.

Elate Yoga is a customer-focused group of yoginis offering private and corporate yoga instruction for groups from 1 to 120 in and around Chicago. Our approach is unique and tailored to each client.

We are convenient, custom, and green. Elate Yoga is different because our approach tackles the stumbling blocks put in place by traditional yoga studios, enabling a wider audience to experience yoga, and those involved to benefit more deeply from their practice.

The services we provide are tailored to corporate and private clients, as well as pre/post natal and recovery/injury yoga. Our talented yoginis are highly trained, incredibly patient, and extremely positive. If you can set aside the time to do yoga, we can provide all the resources you need to ensure a great experience.

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