Childrens Yoga

child practicing yoga

Children’s yoga classes offer a creative and healthy outlet

Elate yoga offers a variety of children’s yoga classes in private and group settings. Classes at our studio (912 W Armitage #2) emphasize the development of both physical and emotional elements of a yoga practice while remaining oriented towards the benefits of yoga for children:

  • Physically develop muscles and joint strength and flexibility through a low-impact practice
  • Foster support with a community environment – nobody has to “lose” in order for others to “win”
  • Help establish the roots for improved self-acceptance, relaxation, internal and external awareness
  • Develop communication skills in a flexible group learning environment

children's yoga class

What makes our children’s yoga classes different?

Our imaginative classes allow kids to be themselves within a fun, creative, and collaborative environment. We do engender development from one class to the next, but always with the spirit of compassion and cooperation leading mental, physical, and emotional growth.

It’s not all asanas at our yoga classes for children. We have found that by supporting the spirit of play through age-appropriate storytelling and interactive games, we can connect yoga more deeply to a child’s life. Want to hang out but not ready for yoga? Stop by our free storytime at our studio (912 W Armitage #2)

Want to learn more about our children’s offerings? Give us a call or email us today.

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