Corporate Yoga

Looking for something new to improve the health of your employees and bottom line? Let Elate Yoga structure a corporate yoga program as either a stand-alone employee benefit, or part of an integrated corporate wellness program. Imagine the impact of custom, semi-private yoga classes held in your offices or a nearby facility can have on employee morale and productivity.

  • Holding classes on-site allows employees to spend this downtime refreshing their mind and body without the wasted effort of travel.
  • Don’t have a mat? Forgot your mat? No problem. Like all of our offerings, corporate yoga programs are built for our instructors to provide the mats, straps, and blocks necessary for any students that need one.
  • The schedule, format, and pace of our classes can be tailored to your employee needs – even as it changes over time.

From weekly classes to one-time events contact us today to see how Elate Yoga can help you revitalize your workforce. Here is a snapshot of some of our typical engagements:

  • A consumer goods manufacturer wanted to expand their employee benefits to reward and motivate employees without reducing employee production during work hours. Elate Yoga designed and delivered a year of weekly corporate yoga sessions in the office that challenged students as they progressed in their practice while still accommodating all skill levels.
  • A 2,000 person technology consulting firm needed a unique way to recognize key employees in a way that provided a lasting benefit and demonstrated the company’s innovative approach to employee productivity. Elate Yoga organized a one-day group program for experienced practitioners and those new to yoga with a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • A fitness apparel company wanted to draw in additional participants for their fitness activities and differentiate themselves from similar companies in their area. Elate Yoga designed and delivered bi-weekly yoga classes immediately following the company’s current classes to help participants wind down, focus, and stretch.

For more information on our corporate yoga offerings please contact us directly.

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  • From Our Clients

    We could tell you why we're different and how great our yoginis are (pssst! click "Our Approach" and "Yoginis" above for that!) but we would also like you to hear from our clients. Their practice has benefited from our knowledge and attention and we hope yours will too!
  • Join Our Happy Clients

    Here are just a few of the companies benefiting from corporate yoga classes from Elate Yoga:

    -Chicago Blackhawks
    -PNC Bank
    -Slalom Consulting
    -Lions Club International
    -And many more...

  • Want to Learn More?

    Elate Yoga was founded on the idea that our customers deserve a yoga experience free from constraints like time, location, and inflexibility. With that in mind, all our classes are offered with the opportunity to tailor your class package to your needs. Simply call, email, tweet, or Facebook us to start a conversation about your own Elate Yoga experience!