Green Yoga Studio

Elate Yoga will soon open a studio at 912 W Armitage, 2nd Floor and we’re happy to say we’re doing so without compromising the important green initiatives on which we were founded.

Leverage Shared Space:
It was important to us to figure out a way to create a studio without compromising our decision to leverage existing space. We solved this issue by reversing the sharing approach: instead of Elate Yoga using existing space created by others, we allowed others to use our space for their needs. A partnership with the candy and events space at Sweet Buddha means our studio will not sit empty when there’s no class.

Eco-Conscious Build Out and Materials:
From installed fixtures and furniture to construction materials, we made decisions to minimize our impact including:

  • Found furnishings were used for much of the space so as to not add to the cycle of purchase-and-discard including packing materials.
  • Dimmable LED lights consume up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Low VOC, Low odor paint was purchased in 5 gallon tubs instead of 1 gallon to minimize recyclable volume once empty.

Most every decision had a eco-friendly option; we just needed to consider mother nature as a client.

Low Impact Transportation:
You may have seen our instructors zipping around Chicago or the suburbs in our eco-friendly smart cars. The concept of a studio reverses the challenge; instead of transporting our instructors, we needed to find a way to get our students to class in a low-impact way.
We deliberately chose a space that allows students to leverage public transportation when possible.

  • 1 block east of the Armitage CTA El stop (Brown and Purple lines)
  • ½ block west of the Armitage & Fremont CTA bus stop (#73)
  • 1½ block east of the Armitage & Sheffield CTA bus stop (#73)
  • 2 blocks west of the Halstead CTA bus stop (#8 and #73)

For those that choose to drive there is plenty of street parking available ☺

Come see us October 8th!
We’re officially opening Tuesday October 8th but will be in and around the studio before then putting finishing touches on the space. Between now and then we’ll also be posting the class schedule, pricing, and ways to sign up.

The reception from the neighborhood has been wonderful and we’re blessed to work with such amazing people. We’re excited to start this new chapter and continue to grow with our clients.

Om on,

The Elate Team

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