We’re Green

Our studio is not sitting empty when there’s no class

By leveraging existing space, Elate Yoga has a minimal impact on the environment. Our classes take place at our green studio at 912 W Armitage, your office, home, an existing shared space, or outdoors at the park or beach.

The US generates over 160 million tons of construction and demolition debris each year and we’d rather not add to that. In addition to leveraging found furniture and reclaimed lumber from Chicago’s Rebuilding Exchange you’ll also find us teaching in very usable and friendly spaces exist all over the city.

Our eco-friendly SmartCars transport 2 instructors and 20+ mats at 41MPG

We originally considered Smart cars for their size. Our yoginis need to find parking in a variety of downtown and suburban locations and the Smart’s size lends itself to finding a spot quickly.

Turns out it was a great idea for the environment as well. At 41 hwy MPG, our Smarts allow us to transport 2 instructors and 20+ mats for a corporate class with a minimal impact on the environment.

They’re also cute!

Using SquareUp allows us to send all invoices and receipts electronically

“Do you want a copy of the receipt?” We all hear that several times a week and the answer is yes, but not if it’s on paper, crumpled in my pocket, and possibly on its way to being lost.

Using SquareUp allows us to swipe or enter your credit card, check, or cash and immediately email you a receipt electronically. Need another copy? Simply call, email, tweet, or Facebook us and we’ll email a copy to the email address on file.

Not only is it environmentally friendly but it’s immediate, convenient, and safe.

We are 100% paperless – you will get nothing on paper from us.

From our technology (Google Apps, SquareUp, Docusign, Chase) to our communications (Twitter, Facebook, Email) we use no paper.

When we started Elate Yoga, we knew we wanted a green focus, but going paperless turned out to be much easier than we had hoped. Throughout our growth, we simply have not used paper – it’s always been the slower, costlier alternative to the solutions we chose. In addition to the environmental impact, paper is simply harder for a business to use successfully it’s hard to organize, cannot be quickly indexed or searched, and is costly to create, update, and distribute.

For us, operating a paperless company is just good business.

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