Our Method

When we started Elate Yoga we wanted to address the fundamental problems with current yoga classes, both in a private and group setting. We had heard many complaints from both those new to yoga and master practitioners but they seemed to center on three core ideas: convenience, content, and commitments.

  • Often people have to decide between yoga and their personal or work life, simply due to class locations and times.
  • Many Instructors often teach to the average skill level of a class, which ends up addressing no one student in particular but missing the skillset of all students.
  • Many people may be timid when trying yoga if they don’t have the right clothes or equipment.

Read more below about how we solve these issues or check out our services and locations locations.

Elate Yoga is convenient, custom, and comprehensive


Elate Yoga is at a time and location of your choice

Can’t make it to our studio? Elate yoga can send instructors to you. We will come to your home or office, or meet you in the park or beach. We want to make strengthening your yoga practice easy and will meet you in a space that is continent for you. You don’t ever have to miss a yoga class because a studio is too far away or transportation is unavailable

Elate yoga is on your schedule. For classes outside of the studio, in addition to a location of your choosing, we make our appointments according to your schedule. Yoga should be a positive addition to your life, and often adapting your schedule to fit in a yoga class can make it seem otherwise.

Elate yoga is customized to you and your practice

Elate yoga routines are based on your needs. This combination of goals, skills, flexibility, and fitness level is specific to you and the routines offered by your instructors should be as well. We work with you to develop a routine that helps further your practice at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Elate yoga changes as you do. Your needs will change over time, either due to the ongoing improvement of your practice or a sudden change – perhaps due to new goals or temporary setbacks such as injury or illness

Elate yoga provides everything you need

Elate Yoga provides everything you need. No need to buy a mat, strap, block, towel, trendy clothes, or accessories. Yoga should be simple, unobstructed, and your focus should be on your practice – not how you’re dressed or what accessories you have. We make it simple for you to practice by providing the very best mats, straps, blocks, and towels for each class. Even better, we clean and store them off-site between classes, adding no clutter to your space

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