Rachel Vurpillat

Rachel understands firsthand the power of one-on-one and small class focus. She had practiced yoga since 2006, but never really connected with her practice until an instructor led her through a one hour Vinyasa sequence. After that not only did the air smell fresher and the sun shine brighter, but she realized that yoga was to be her passion and profession.

Yoga has allowed her my mind, body, and soul to align, bringing a sense of grounding, the ability to stand up taller, and the desire to live life with more intention. She will be the first to point out that while yoga has helped her immensely in many aspects of her life, that doesn’t mean every moment needs to be serious – especially in the studio.

Rachel completed her 200hr training with CorePowerYoga in Chicago and graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Small Business & Entrepreneurship in the Arts.
Outside of the studio, Rachel loves to experiment with food, jewelry, acrylic paint, and her Ukulele.