Recovery and Injury Yoga

The key to effective rehabilitation is a dedicated regimen of stretching and careful strength training. Under the right supervision, yoga can provide the perfect path back to full mobility/strength after an injury. Among other benefits, our recovery yoga classes provide:

  • One-on-one attention from our skilled yoginis allows you to perfect your form in a shorter time
  • Never the same old routine. Because we cater to you, our yoginis ensure that they concentrate on what you need, whether that is targeted concentration on one or two movements, or a new set of poses to change up your routine.
  • Elate Yoga provides routines customized to your skill, flexibility, goals, and schedule allow you to do yoga on your own between classes, armed with a series of movements that both challenge and support you.
  • Private classes allow you to reduce stress and improve concentration outside of class. Because the focus is on you from the first moment, less time is wasted getting “ready” both mentally and physically for yoga practice in each class.
  • Private doesn’t necessarily mean solo. We encourage customers to bring a few friends to make the experience intimate but shared.
  • Private classes, like all our offerings, take place at a time and location of your choosing. We want to take you on a journey through yoga, and that means avoiding anything that stands in the way including long travel times to inconvenient class locations at static times. We meet when and where you want – even if that changes each week.
  • As always, we provide everything you need for class: mats, straps, blocks, music (or silence) customized routines, and a knowledgeable, friendly instructor to guide you through the lesson.

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  • From Our Clients

    We could tell you why we're different and how great our yoginis are (pssst! click "Our Approach" and "Yoginis" above for that!) but we would also like you to hear from our clients. Their practice has benefited from our knowledge and attention and we hope yours will too!
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    Here are just a few of the companies benefiting from corporate yoga classes from Elate Yoga:

    -Chicago Blackhawks
    -PNC Bank
    -Slalom Consulting
    -Lions Club International
    -And many more...

  • Want to Learn More?

    Elate Yoga was founded on the idea that our customers deserve a yoga experience free from constraints like time, location, and inflexibility. With that in mind, all our classes are offered with the opportunity to tailor your class package to your needs. Simply call, email, tweet, or Facebook us to start a conversation about your own Elate Yoga experience!