Residential Yoga

Residential yoga is an Elate Yoga offering that allows residents of multi-unit buildings in the Chicago area to experience the benefits of a weekly residents-only yoga class within their building.

Imagine hopping in the elevator and arriving at yoga class only 2 minutes after leaving your condo. Sunrise, morning, evening, or late night yoga just steps from your residence – It’s an incredibly convenient way to begin or further your yoga practice without the time and frustration of traveling to class.

Classes are typically held 2-4 times per week in a comfortable community space within the building. Weather permitting, we also provide the option to hold classes at local parks and the beach.

Want to bring Elate Yoga to your building? We have a history of working with high-end residential units and know how to get classes started the right way from contracting and insurance to communication and space requirements. Call or email us now to join the Chicago residential buildings currently enjoying classes from Elate Yoga including those below:

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