• We had an amazing experience working with Elate Yoga to provide yoga to our employees at Belly. We enjoyed working with the entire Elate Yoga team and loved having Kim as an instructor. She was able to lead a practice for our employees that worked for all levels of experience and was a delight to have in our office each week! I would recommend Kim and Elate Yoga to any company looking to offer yoga in the office.
    - Elissa Beckman | Director of People, Belly

  • When I started the position as Athletic Director for Reside Living, our goal was to encourage an active lifestyle for as many residents as we could reach. Our first thought was to offer yoga for our residents in our residential buildings that currently have the space. Jennifer and Ashley were very professional, reliable, and patient with us as we began this new division of our company. After 12 weeks of yoga in both The Belmont by Reside and Reside on Barry, we have had nothing but fantastic reviews! The instructors are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaged throughout class and are willing to answer questions after class. Reside plans on continuing to offer Yoga with Elate to our residents and hopefully add more classes as we can. I would positively recommend Elate Yoga!
    - Alissa N. Wagener | Athletic Director, Reside Living

  • The artists at the Studio love Fridays at 11am when Ashley transforms our space into an hour of deep focus and relaxation. Her ability to transport the team to a place free of any stress is amazing. Thank you sooo much for adding the healthy atmosphere to our work space and the calm nature to which the staff returns to work with. Our ability to create the virtual world would not be the same without the help of Elate - Thanks!
    - Sonny Sultani | CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Studio Rendering, Inc

  • During Earth Month, Jenni helped us organize yoga sessions at Hotel Felix Chicago as a great offering for the community and the hotel guests. Jenni and her team were excellent to work with – knowledgeable about yoga and always on time. After conducting a media training session with Jenni, she nailed the ABC Chicago interview. Jenni has a calm demeanor and great poise. From our experiences, I strongly recommend Elate Yoga for group and corporate events.
    - Molly Lynch | Owner, Lynch Communications Group

  • Jenni helped me organize 'The Gift of Yoga' for residents at our condo. I had never taken yoga before but decided to try it since it was going to be so convenient with Elate Yoga coming right here to our building. We now have four classes at various times during the week. Our instructor, Danielle, accommodates each individual - challenging those that want to be challenged, toning it down for others, and inspiring all. Not only do I look forward to classes, I have found many of my aches and pains have disappeared. Does everyone fall in love with their instructor? We adore Danielle! Her enthusiasm and joy of yoga permeates our classes. Our lives have become enriched in many ways. Thank you Jenni for giving us Danielle and the "Gift of Yoga.”
    - Dawn Geras | Resident, 55 East Erie

  • Elate Yoga came to LCI during our Mental Health Month Brown Bag series. Our employees were very excited to receive hands-on Yoga instruction by Ashley. She was very good with beginners and challenged those more comfortable. It was an all-around positive experience that improved morale and got us excited for more.
    - Stef Nikitas | Recruitment Manager, Lions Clubs International

  • I arranged for Elate Yoga to have classes at my residential high-rise. Jennifer Holt was easy to work with. We worked together to arrange 2 classes per week. Our instructor, Sara, has been delightful. So far all of the participants seem to enjoy the classes and feel that Sara has been helpful since so many of us are beginners. From our experience so far, I'd happily recommend Elate Yoga!
    - Nancy Vaske | Resident, The Pinnacle

  • I never thought really I liked yoga until I took a class with Marian; her kind but encouraging demeanor helped me to realize the mind and body benefits of practicing. I have always been challenged in the areas of balance and flexibility, and both have improved tremendously since taking classes with Marian. She always is on hand to offer an assist or to recommend a way to improve each pose. Every class with Marian is fun and exciting and something I look forward to on a daily basis!
    - Michelle Pretekin | Owner, Fit Girl Studio

  • Courtney inspired me to bring yoga into my life the very first day we met at the office. Stressed from work, I mentioned how running seemed to be causing more physical pain to my body than stress relief, and she invited me to accompany her to an ashtanga yoga class. I was not a huge fan of yoga, but Courtney motivated me to take more classes. Three years later I am now in love with yoga. I no longer feel as stressed out from everything life throws at me in one day at work, yoga has helped heal my from various running injuries I have incurred, and it is now something I look forward to rather than something I feel I have to do. I am so grateful Courtney brought yoga into my life and motivated me to stick with it.
    - Katie Steele | Vice President, U.S. Equities Realty

  • Sara's teaching style inspires, challenges, and helps me grow deeper in my personal yoga practice. Her calm presence creates a comfortable atmosphere that encourages enjoyment and growth. I feel comfortable to approach Sara either before, after, or even during class because she welcomes engagement. Sara's positive influence on me has contributed to my motivation to become a certified yoga teacher.
    - Jesse Sorrell | Heart Center Yoga
  • As the tone of the class is set by the instructor, Sara's mindful, patient, and easy-going nature is reflected through her teaching style and makes her classes both challenging and extremely rewarding. It is obvious that she has experience with all levels of students and is always aware of the individuals she is teaching, no matter the size of the class. I have been practicing for over 5 years, but Sara's classes were by far the best for my mind, body, and soul.
    - Julia Billings | Catholic Charities
  • Under Sara's instruction, I have learned that yoga can be both a mode of athletic training and a source of emotional purification. With a gentle and confident voice, Sara inspires her students to challenge themselves beyond their preconceived abilities and to train purposefully toward their personal goals.
    - Margaret Wardrop | sports management

  • Jennifer Holt is a tremendous asset to the business community of the Chicago area. I have known her for almost 2 years, and I can say that she is professional, conscientious, dedicated and a dependable person. Her attention to detail and willingness to listen to the needs of her customers is extremely important. Her approach not only inspires confidence, but generates results.
    - Keith D. Schulhof D.M.D. | Owner, Schulhof Dental Care
  • Jenni has always been extremely trustworthy and patient, qualities that are important when leading an individual or group in a yoga practice. I wish I lived in Chicago so I could train with her on a daily basis!
    - Angie Howard | Co-Owner, Yoga Monkey & Fitness

  • Courtney is an inspiring yoga instructor. Her knowledge and passion of yoga are evident in her classes and her exuberant personality truly highlights the experience. She has a way of making a yoga class even more fun! I have always left her classes feeling better physically and mentally.
    - Halley Wallace | yoga instructor

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