Yoga in Schools

Elate Yoga offers a dedicated curriculum for yoga in schools to bring the positive effects of yoga practice to students in the classroom while maintaining compliance through non-religious content and tone.

The children’s yoga classes taught by our licensed instructors benefit students by reinforcing awareness, acceptance, and self-confidence while promoting motor skill development and flexibility. A good fit for both classroom and after-school programs, we can tailor the offering to fit the age and physical/emotional needs of the student class at any level:

  • Preschools
  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • High schools

Contemplative learning activities like yoga in schools help build a foundation that not only promotes development in a classroom environment, but a foundation that better equips children for learning, coping, and growing outside of school. Studies support that classroom yoga or yoga programs for children:

  • Promote an atmosphere of confidence without direct competition. Unlike opponent-based ports and activities, everyone can succeed at once.
  • Teach students to focus both inward on the present moment, helping to increase self-awareness and focus free from distraction – essential skills for any learning environment.
  • Offer a low-impact physical break from the school day with a focus on balance and motor skills
  • Practicing breathing, mindfulness, and self-awareness techniques as part of yoga helps promote a calm state of mind in and outside of the classroom
  • Activities like yoga where the mental and physical feedback is not bounded by a predetermined set of outcomes (video game, math exercise, team and individual sports) helps to promote creativity and imagination

Contact us today to discuss how to apply yoga to your classroom setting as midday, after-school, or non-academic complementary activity to your students day.

Want to hear more from the researchers? Check out the article database provided by the Garrison Institute on the effects of yoga and mindfulness activities in Children.
(Thanks to yoga4classrooms for identifying this valuable resource!)

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